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Our Mission

Mission Statement

My mission is to beautify the minds of people musically, for there is great hope with music, in liberating us from the slippery slopes and shackles of life. Music is a universal language, without boundaries and helps us to relate to our inner selves in diverse ways, to create freedom and liberation from the many levels of slavery.

Our Vision

This music is for the socially disenfranchised all over the world. Not only is it leisurely edifying music, intended to bring a balance from the many hardships of life, but it’s also rooted in truth, light and love. I want to use music to transcend boundaries created by economic hardship and pressures of social displacement felt by all people.. 

Our Values

The culture values of reggae music shines on all people, both rich and poor. Many musicians used reggae music as a form of protest music, reflecting the pains of social and political injustices. My reggae music is inter-woven with integrity, positivity and a message of hope relying on a relationship between the ‘Creator’ and the created.